Stone Skimmer – Unleash your inner child

Our latest project, Stone Skimmer is all about unleashing childhood memories and reliving the childhood again. The creative gameplay, amazing visual effects, thundering sound design will surely add to the gamer's experience. We have left no stone unturned to make this game as visually beautiful as possible.

Our gameplay is simple yet engaging. With a single swipe, players would be able to fling the stone character and get it started on its journey. Moreover, the gameplay will have an array of obstacles like dolphins, boats and swimmers to hit. The simulation of skimming a stone across the waters will become a reality in this game.

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Game Features

  • Scenery

    The game features four different sceneries and unique night scene modes to give a versatile experience to our gamers.

  • Sound

    Gripping and absorbing sound effects add to the tone and drama of the game. The effect of ripples created in water, stones hitting its target and the swishing of stones skimming across the water is wonderfully created to render an exciting gameplay.

  • Stone Characters

    6 unique stone characters sport striking different personalities to bring a whole new experience to our gamers each time a person plays the game.

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